Outback Stations: Pastoral Australia is a celebration of OUTBACK magazine’s involvement in the Australian pastoral industry for the past 19 years. It is a photographic record of contemporary life on the land showcased in a large-format hardcover coffee-table book. 

Photo Nathan Dyer

OUTBACK has been visiting cattle and sheep stations across Australia since lobbing onto Durham Downs in Queensland’s Channel Country to research the first Stations story for issue 1 in 1998. Since then, a story on a pastoral property has been included in each issue of OUTBACK. “We’ve made it our business to tell the stories of those working in agriculture,” says editor-in-chief Mark Muller. 

Over the past eight years, OUTBACK has also published four Stations magazines, giving us the opportunity to compile an extensive library of extraordinary images of some of the country’s most substantial pastoral properties. “These are not easy places to get to, for reasons of both geography and privacy,” Mark says. “But we have the relationships in the bush that allow us privileged access.” 

In Outback Stations: Pastoral Australia, we have curated the remarkable photography gathered for these Stations magazine stories – taken over hundreds of hours and thousands of kilometres – to bring readers a 248-page book featuring 30 sheep and cattle properties from Tasmania to Cape York, from the Kimberley to the Victorian High Country. The book is available for $59.95 (including Australia-wide delivery) and is already proving to be a popular addition to OUTBACK readers’ home libraries.

Click here to see a selection of images from the book, or pick up a copy of OUTBACK issue 114 and check out the featured photo essay.


This story excerpt is from Issue #114

Outback Magazine: August/September 2017