The owners of the old Logan Pub, in central Victoria, have embraced the run-down nature of their establishment.

Story By John Dunn

Instead of talking the Logan Pub up, owners Geoffrey and Keith Turner put it down with some outrageous humour on their website. They revel in claiming to be the place no-one would want to visit because of “the almost total absence of constabulary or indeed any semblance of law and order, the feral dogs, cats and wild boars rampaging through the pungent infestation of stinkweed and stinging nettles raising black clouds of March flies and hordes of European wasps”.
After warning would-be visitors they must compete for sustenance with scorpions, bull ants and swarms of mosquitoes, the ‘promo’ says: “Obviously Logan, with its endless variety of absolutely nothing, represents a paucity of value for the tourist dollar – a shabby scrap of dying history that invites visitors to relive the shocking hardship of those wretched souls who opened up this land for reasons that no historian has ever been able to fathom”.

This Story is from Issue #101

Outback Magazine: June/July 2015