A loop from Broken Hill in western NSW across to the Darling River and back via the opal fields of White Cliffs, provides ample opportunity for relaxation and exploration.

Story + Photos Mark Muller

There is a particular joy and sense of relaxation that comes with the thrum of tyres on gravel roads and the chance to see fresh horizons unfurling before the windscreen. For many, this is happily amplified by the prospect of friendly encounters with like-minded souls, the thought of riverside camps, and the chance to learn about wonders geological, natural, ancient and modern. For those so inclined, a loop from Broken Hill in far western NSW down to the Darling River south of Kinchega National Park, then back upriver through the towns of Menindee, Wilcannia, Tilpa and Louth, before striking west to the opal mining mecca of White Cliffs and back to Broken Hill is an excellent way to both unwind and recharge. The region is home to the rich culture of the Barkindji people, pastoral endeavours, the mining and art that is so much a part of Broken Hill, the rare opals of White Cliffs, and a beautiful range of national parks. It’s a treasure of experiences and opportunities for curious travellers.

The full version of this story was published in both OUTBACK magazine and the 2020 edition of our special one-shot magazine OUTBACK Travel.

This story excerpt is from Issue #133

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2020