Station wagons might not be as popular as they used to be but Holden’s Sportwagon could change that.

Story By Matt Raudonikis

There was a time before SUVs became so popular and when four-wheel drives still drove like trucks, that the Australian family wagon was usually a passenger car-style vehicle from one of the local car manufacturers, either Ford, Holden or Chrysler. Times have changed and a plethora of SUVs has replaced the station wagon as the car of choice for families and Holden is the only company that still offers an Australian-made wagon.
Holden’s VF Commodore Sportwagon was launched along with its sedan and ute siblings in 2013 and is the safest, most refined, best performing and most fuel-efficient locally made wagon ever. A host of up-to-the-minute technologies put this car up there among the best in the world and at a time when our auto industry is struggling, it is a car of which we can be proud. Station wagons may not be in favour any more, but Holden’s Sportwagon is one that might make you look at them again.

This story excerpt is from Issue #92

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2014