The new Yamaha Viking hits a sweet spot in the farm-vehicle market.

Story By Mark Muller

Yamaha’s new Viking recreational off-highway vehicle (ROHV) is a functional, agile unit that provides a viable on-farm option for those who want more than a quad bike, but don’t need a full-blown ute. The slopes, rivers and tracks of Mount Seaview on the northern New South Wales Great Dividing Range provides a varied terrain and a challenging environment in which to take the Viking through its paces.
The Viking supersedes Yamaha’s popular Rhino side-by-side ATV. The new vehicle has three bucket seats with separate head rests. The middle seat is set back to ensure three grown men can fit in the well-designed cab with comfort. There’s an adjustable grip bar and shoulder bolsters that combine with solid three-point harnesses to ensure driver and passengers are secure.
In all, Yamaha has upped the ante on the Rhino, keeping the build-quality and durability and improving the comfort and functionality. There are a variety of additions on offer, from roofs to windscreens to cooler boxes and gun racks, depending on the use to which you want to put it. Like its Norse namesakes, the Viking is hard working and tough as nails.

This Story is from Issue #95

Outback Magazine: June/July 2014