Lex Gordon has been the driving force behind one of rural New South Wales’ largest transport companies for 60 years

Story By Brooke Summers

In a muddy truck yard on the outskirts of Narrabri, in Northern New South Wales, sits rows of polished and shining road trains waiting for the next load. So many trucks sitting idle is an uncommon sight for this pioneer trucking business, the domain and home of Lex Gordon, better known as The Chief. “The rain has slowed us up a bit, but it also means a good winter crop this year that’ll need hauling,” says Lex, a giant of a man who’s been a bush mechanic, truck driver and business owner for more than 60 years.
The Chief is a household name in the transport game, but most people have never met him and fewer still know his story. It’s no surprise. Lex is so focused on the business of carting grain, livestock and wool to every corner of the nation that at one time he didn’t leave the truck yard for nine years, even to duck into town. “I’m not much of a people person,” he says.

This Story is from Issue #98

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2015