The giant Gippsland earthworm, one of the largest worms in the world, needs the help of conservation-minded farmers to help it survive.

Story By Martin Auldist

There are more than 1000 species of earthworm native to Australia. The giant Gippsland earthworm, however, is one of the most famous because of its sheer size. It is one of the largest in the world, with mature adults averaging 80 centimetres in length, 2cm in diameter and weighing 200 grams, though they have been recorded at 1.8m long and up to 400g. Giant Gippsland earthworms are found only in an area of approximately 40,000 hectares in the south and west of Gippsland, Vic. This area lies roughly between Buln Buln to the north, Jumbunna to the south, Almurta to the west and Mount Eccles to the east.

This Story is from Issue #99

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2015