Although it’s possible to drive the 1200km across the Nullarbor Plain in two days, you’ll find gold if you take a week or so.

Story By Ken Eastwood

It’s an Australian rite of passage, crossing the Nullarbor at least once in your life. Fully sealed since 1976, the Eyre Highway is the comfortable grey belt across the sprawling underbelly of our land, providing easy access to the 180,000 square kilometres of the Nullarbor Plain, and features such as 90-Mile Straight, one of the longest straight sections of sealed road in the world.

Many travellers on the big lap, or those hurrying between Perth and Adelaide or Melbourne, shoot across the plain’s flat surface in two days, but those who slow down and pause find extraordinary history, wildlife, stunning scenery and natural wonders.

This story excerpt is from Issue #105

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2016