Story by Bruce Postle

In a career spanning five decades, award-winning photojournalist and OUTBACK contributor Bruce Postle has crisscrossed Australia to cover the vagaries of drought, floods and bushfires, as well as the gentler aspects of outback life. His images chronicling the highs and lows and tragedies and triumphs of those on the land often capture significant moments in people’s lives.
“I consider myself lucky to have grown up in Australia and to have worked as a photojournalist, capturing images of the land and its people,” Bruce says. “Press photography is about people. My father taught me that most people will do anything for you if you treat them with respect. I have always tried to follow this advice and it has led me into friendships with people from all walks of life, from across Australia. It has allowed me to cover the sad or tragic moments in their lives, as well as the jubilant and joyful times.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #83

Outback Magazine: June/July 2012