Lunch at Fleurtys Café is an entrée to an eclectic assortment of produce grown on a picturesque south-east Tasmanian property.

Story & photos by Tim Dub

I’ve looked at it from every angle and I just adore the building,” says Paddy Barbour of Fleurtys Café, which he owns with husband and wife team Chris Read and Sue Small. Paddy lives about 400 metres away from the café, and it is here, in the substantial garden of his weatherboard house, that he indulges in his passion for growing things. “It’s just good to be out of the city,” the former Hobart resident says.
Opened in January 2005, Fleurtys Café is located at Birchs Bay, about 50 kilometres south of Hobart along the Channel Highway. This winding road tracks the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, a river-like waterway that separates Bruny Island from Tasmania’s south-east.

This story excerpt is from Issue #49

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2006