A walk into Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness is a journey into an ancient land of towering trees and sparkling forest streams.

Story & photos by Tim Dub

The intrinsic value of nature is that it’s a resource for well-being – you can’t measure that in simple economic terms,” explains Mark ‘Darvis’ Davis. Founding member of the expedition company Tiger Trails, Darvis is conducting a gear-check for the small party he will lead on a six-day trek through the Tarkine Wilderness in far north-west Tasmania.
After summarising why he and friend Rob Fairlie started Tiger Trails, Darvis turns to more practical considerations. “Take the gaiters [lightweight wet weather gear],” he advises. “It’s not so much the mud, it’s the snakes – a guy I knew who was bitten says it was like being kicked in the shin. We’re going to be the only people in there and it would take a while for a helicopter to arrive”.

This story excerpt is from Issue #45

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2006