Four men, two dogs and three camels set out to explore Broome and its surrounds in the changeable wet season.

Story By Andy Tope

Ominous clouds gathered along the horizon, hiding a deep rumble that was felt through the earth. Lightning danced above the shed as we awaited news of two potential cyclones heading our way off the Indonesian coastline. It created a feeling of uncertainty that was to remain with us throughout the coming days, for the wet season waits for no one. It just is and it just does. It was February in Broome, WA, when the weather displays moods to challenge the most hardy of travellers. While this time of year is potentially uncomfortable – not to mention hazardous – the land comes to life. Animals are in abundance and water flows as the ambience ranges from languorous to uncompromising fury. Why had we decided to go at this time? I’d like to think that sheer adventure had something to do with it – to simply wander through the wet season and be acquainted with its moods, even if just for a short while. Our crew comprised four people, two dogs and three camels.

This Story is from Issue #63

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2009