Ancient fossils, sandstone sculptures and cowpats lurk in the long grass of Paul Stumkat’s farm.

Story By Benjamin Allmon

The art of science
There aren’t many cattle farmers with a life-size sculpture of an ichthyosaur in their bottom paddock that they made themselves. But as Paul Stumkat explains over coffee at his kitchen table, sculpting aquatic dinosaurs doesn’t always get top billing on his 130-hectare property north-east of Killarney, Qld.
“Like anyone with cattle, most of my time is spent fixing fences,” he says, although he has no plans to give the farming away just yet. “It’s nice having cows – better than mowing the lawn. Besides, anytime I get a job that involves sculpting cattle, I’ve got 60 models to choose from.”

This Story is from Issue #104

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2016