Follow the roads less travelled for a refreshing insight into north-eastern Tasmania.

Story Kirsty McKenzie   Photos Ken Brass

A peacock encounter at Cataract Gorge is one of many surprises on a road trip through Tassie’s north-east, a loose, approximately 500km circuit from Launceston that passes plenty of spots to take a dip or enjoy water-based activities. The first swimming option is at the gorge itself, where hardy souls brave the chill (and reportedly eels) to swim in the First Basin of the South Esk River. For those who prefer to see their feet when they swim, there’s also a lap pool set in the manicured lawns of the reserve. Launceston is at the confluence of the North and South Esk and Tamar rivers, and cruise boats ply the waters of the Tamar Valley. Just 10 minutes’ drive north along the Tamar, the boardwalks of the Tamar Island Wetlands Centre provide easy access across shallow lagoons, where black swans, chestnut teals, swamphens, Pacific black ducks, white-faced herons and great egrets feed in the native reeds. Warning signs indicate copperhead snakes also find the boardwalk useful for sunbathing.

This story excerpt is from Issue #153

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2024