Andrew Furphy has made a film of part of the seminal novel, Such Is Life, as a tribute to the writer, his great great-uncle Joseph.

Story By Anson Cameron

In retirement, Andrew Furphy decided that rather than buy a beach house, boat, holiday or racehorse, he would produce a film based on Such Is Life, written by his great great-uncle Joseph. “All my friends warned me against making a film,” Andrew says. “But I’m not too good at listening to what I don’t want to hear."
Andrew co-opted fellow Furphy-phile, Australian actor John Derum to be the driving force behind the film. John recently finished recording the spoken version of Such Is Life on CD, so has intimate knowledge of the novel. Cinematographer and editor Steven Ramsey came on board as well. But for the actors Andrew sourced local talent. “The people of Hay really came on board,” Andrew says. “They were wonderful.” Hay Jockey Club identity Ted Circuitt was put in charge of horses and horsemen. His grizzled countenance also appears in the film.

This story excerpt is from Issue #91

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2013