Australia’s unblemished reputation for quality beef has prompted strong sales growth in European and Middle Eastern markets.

Story By Paula Heelan

Australian beef markets recently doubled in Europe, and worldwide, markets for Australian red meat are expanding. Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) regional manager for Europe, Jason Strong, says that despite the current high Australian dollar, interest in Australian beef is extremely high. “The European Union (EU) recently granted Australia market access to its new tariff-free quota, providing an additional global supply of 20,000 tonnes of high-quality grain-fed beef into the EU each year,” he says. ?“This is the first significant increase in access we’ve had for a long time and more than doubles the potential market for Australian beef in Europe. Producers now have the ability to supply EU-eligible feeder steers, rather than just the larger grass-fed bullocks, which will attract a whole range of different customers.”
Based in Brussels, Jason recently attended Europe’s largest trade show, SIAL – an international exhibition for the food industry – in Paris, and says that to further build Australia’s presence in the EU market, the MLA will support the development of new supply arrangements with the higher end of the market. “We’ll continue with trade shows, promotions with importers and exporters and activities related to high-end restaurant chains and target supermarket groups,” he says.MLA delivers red meat programs to importers, wholesalers, retailers, food-service operators and government to increase market access, market share and sales. MLA International Markets Projects’ manager Tim Kelf says MLA interacts regularly with foreign governments to defend and improve accessibility of overseas markets. “Trade shows are used to support suppliers, disseminate information about Australian product and strengthen relationships in each market,” he explains. “Trade missions to Australia are organised to familiarise and introduce international players to Australian production systems. Firsthand experience, together with trade education activities, strengthens loyalty and new business opportunities.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #74

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2011