OUTBACK Stations 2023

For the seventh edition of OUTBACK Stations magazine, we’ve sent photojournalists from one end of the country to the other to build a comprehensive snapshot of the Australian pastoral sector. With engaging storytelling and stunning imagery, each of the 10 stories delivers insight into the history, people, infrastructure and endeavours of the featured properties. Vast cattle stations, such as Jubilee Downs in Western Australia’s Kimberley, historic Wave Hill and female-forward Anthony Lagoon in the Northern Territory, and sprawling sheep operations, such as Mulyungarie and Mulgathing in outback South Australia, provide the large-scale perspective on the breadth and diversity of the industry. In Queensland, innovation is key at Miranda Downs in the Gulf, while Brightlands in the state’s north-west shines a light on one of Australia’s largest family-owned cattle companies. Smaller but no less significant operations are Deeargee in the New England district of NSW, Cobungra, Australia’s highest cattle station in north-eastern Victoria and Rotherwood in Tasmania’s Central Highlands. 

OUTBACK Stations 2023 is available now for $14.00 with free postage in Australia. We also have a limited number of our 2021 edition still available.

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