If it isn’t grown in Victoria, it won’t be used at Bar Midland, Castlemaine.

Story Sue Wallace   Photo Chris Turner/Inkd Fotogrfa

You won’t find sugar, coffee, chocolate or black pepper in the dishes and kitchen of Castlemaine’s Bar Midland, because Loudon Cooper and Alexander Marano are passionate about only using what’s grown in Victoria. Instead, you’ll find incredible taste and texture substitutes that liberate your tastebuds and sometimes keep you guessing how it’s been achieved.

There are also no large slabs of farmed meat on the menu, just small portions of wild meat in a bid to encourage diners to venture into more plant-based dining.

Loudon, his wife Tess Edwards, and Alexander and his wife Dani opened the 16-seat Art Deco bar and restaurant in the historic 1870 Midland Hotel in July 2021. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #144

Outback Magazine: August/September 2022