The vibrant paintings of artist Jackie Ellis reflect the colours and grandeur of the ancient landscapes around Kununurra, WA.

Story By Kerry Sharp

Home for Kimberley artist Jackie Ellis is a houseboat on Lily Creek Lagoon, an alluring, bird-rich offshoot of Western Australia’s Ord River, the lifeblood of nearby Kununurra. Jackie says she never felt truly at home until she came to this isolated north-west agricultural town.
“This place is so rugged and untamed and beautiful, and has an enormous energy that I can tap into as an artist,” says Jackie.
She likes her work to be open to interpretation.
“The wilderness remains my inspiration, but as I’ve matured as an artist I’ve become more interested in having my work speak to not just what is, but what might be – or what can’t be seen – by tapping into one’s inner emotions and feelings. To me, the mark of a successful work is when a person says, ‘That touched me’ or ‘I really connected with that piece spiritually’.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #100

Outback Magazine: Apr/May 2015