A new Western Australian music initiative takes expert instrumentalists into remote communities to perform and collaborate with locals.
Story by Kerry Faulkner

Gathering a troupe of expert instrumentalists as diverse as a didgeridoo virtuoso and a classical violinist from across the nation, and touring them through some of the most remote communities in Western Australia is incredibly ambitious. That’s what the Reflection Tour does annually, and it is just part of Tura New Music’s groundbreaking program.

Last year’s Reflection Tour began in September in Kununurra and wound its way in a caravan of four-wheel-drives down through the Kimberley before leap-frogging more than 2000 kilometres to the Perth Concert Hall for a finale called Kimberley Reflections. It took in communities including Warmun, One Arm Point and Beagle Bay, with the aim of sharing different cultures in places rarely visited by cutting-edge musicians. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #111

Outback Magazine: Feb/March 2017