The Strzelecki Track is set to be fully sealed by the end of this year.

Story + Photos Anthony Ham

Lyndhurst is where the 472km Strzelecki Track begins. One of Australia’s grand old cross-country traverses, the Strzelecki – known as ‘The Strez’ or just ‘The Track’ – unfurls across the semi-desert from the interior’s southern fringe to the outback’s inner reaches at Innamincka, on the banks of Cooper Creek with its stories of Burke and Wills. 

Setting out from Lyndhurst can feel a little anti-climactic: The Strzelecki has been paved for most of the first 100km, and at other stages along the way. It’s meant to be paved in its entirety by the end of 2023 – a boon for truckers, cattle stations and tourism operators, but perhaps a concomitant loss of romance and mystery.

This story excerpt is from Issue #148

Outback Magazine: April/May 2023