The 2020 R.M.Williams OUTBACK Calendar has an extraordinary collection of stunning images.

Photo Tim Wrate

Landscape photographer Tim Wrate prefers to be 1500 feet (500m) above the ground for his images of remote Western Australia. After learning the craft of photography while bushwalking, Tim started training his lens out of aeroplanes a year ago. “I became a new father, so I couldn’t head off on multi-day treks anymore,” he says. When he looks down on Western Australia from above, he focuses on the relationship between geography and art. “In my aerial over Wyndham, the course of the river looks like tree branches, but it’s just dried mud,” he says. “If you look beyond the obvious you can see other things.” 

The OUTBACK Calendar and Diary are as stunning as ever in 2020, reminding our subscribers every day of the beauty of Australia. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #127

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2019