The Rehbein family is a pioneer of Australia’s ginger industry.

Story by Kerryn Suttor

Australian ginger is produced only in south-east Queensland, with fresh Australian ginger available all year. The Australian ginger industry produces about 8000 tonnes a year, 40 percent of which is processed. The rest is sent to fresh markets across the country, and some exported. There are two varieties – Canton, grown for the fresh market, and Queensland ginger, used in a wide range of products, including ginger beer.
Anthony Rehbein and his wife Kate own and manage Hummock Produce, a mixed horticultural farm. Together with their three children (Lilly, 14, Charlotte, 12, and Angus, 10) the family grows ginger, pumpkins, watermelons, potatoes and a small amount of sugar cane. With ocean views, the picturesque farm is minutes from the seaside village of Bargara in the Bundaberg region of Queensland.

This Story is from Issue #107

Outback Magazine: Jun/July 2016