A four-day walk in one of Australia’s great wilderness areas: the Tarkine.

Story Anabel Dean  Photo Dean Honer

The four-day Tarkine Trail experience is not like most other commercial multi-day Tasmanian treks. There is no emphasis on chef-cooked meals, luxury linen or spa baths, for these would distract from a beauty that needs no embellishment. Tiger Ridge is not, however, entirely out of the comfort zone. There’s tasty guide-cooked locally sourced food, plentiful liquor and a cosy fire in the communal open-sided longhouse. 

Bathing takes place a discrete distance away in a Japanese bathhouse, with a wooden bucket, ladle and a spectacularly green valley view. Immersion in the wilderness does not need scenting or branding: there’s a waterless composting toilet further off. A sturdy canvas tent for sleeping – furnished simply with bed, table and hammock – gives the impression that you’re about to experience something that’s good for you. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #122

Outback Magazine: December/January 2019