It has taken three attempts and 53 years, but Helen Green believes she finally has the ideal garden near Forbes, NSW.

Story By Kathy Mexted

About 15 years ago Helen Green made the dramatic decision to rip out all the exotic plants she’d lovingly gardened over the previous four decades. “Only a madwoman would gut a garden,” Helen says. “I used to wake in fright and think, ‘My God, what have I done?’ I had to bring in new soil to regenerate and extend the back lawn.”
In its third incarnation, the garden is now a serene one-hectare space with an emphasis on cacti, natives and self-caring dry-climate plants. From below the front circular drive’s towering ironbark, currawongs sing with the finches, rosellas and magpies. A eucalyptus smell permeates this beautiful and contemplative place that is so central to the 2832ha property, Brooklyn.

This story excerpt is from Issue #100

Outback Magazine: Apr/May 2015