The busy Mamre Hotel helps to hold the Victorian township of Pirron Yallock together.

Story & photos by Robyn Rosenfeldt

Pirron Yallock is a ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ type of place. Driving down the Princes Highway between Colac and Camperdown in south-west Victoria, travellers find themselves in Pirron, as it is known locally, just by turning a corner. The bright pink exterior of the Mamre Hotel is an obvious standout.
It could be said that the Mamre holds Pirron Yallock together. With only a cluster of houses, a church and motorcycle wreckers, there’s not much else in the township. But even on a Monday night the stools in the front bar are all occupied. It’s early evening and the occupants are mostly workers and farm hands having a knock-off drink. “I’ve been coming here every day for the past 23 years,” claims local resident Gary Brauer. Seated at his regular place at the bar, he talks proudly about what he has seen over the years, including a horse being brought into the bar.

This story excerpt is from Issue #50

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2007