Some of Australia’s finest landscape artists came together earlier this year to paint the Macquarie River in central New South Wales.

Story By Jenet Stewart

Along the Macquarie River one misty morning, there are almost 20 artists in total, some close to the water, some hidden among the brush on the river’s edge and some like Brett 'Mon' Garling almost out of sight altogether. They’ve come to the river as part of the Australian Plein-Air Artists Group (APAG), which paints in the open air like the French impressionist painters of 100 years ago. The artists, though, are no ordinary group. Among them are some of Australia’s greatest landscape artists ever to put brush to canvas, including Kasey Sealy, his dad Chic and uncle Doug, Martin Campbell, John Wilson, Steve Hoysted, Russell Smith, Phil Budge, Raymond Hill, Bruce Roberts, Todd Whisson, Barry Back, Graham O’Callahan, Ivan Newby and Ted Lewis.

This story excerpt is from Issue #91

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2013