During its 175 years, the garden at Bungaree Station, in the Clare Valley, SA, has undergone constant transformation.

Story by Don Fuchs

In 2010 Vicky and Mark Stewart moved back from London to South Australia to take over the running of historic Bungaree Station from Vicky’s parents. “One of the things that drew us back here was the idea that we could have our own vegie patch and wide open spaces again,” Vicky says. 
Central to the station complex, with its own church, stable, yards, blacksmith shop and woolshed, is the homestead. The impressive house is surrounded by a sprawling garden, once almost as famous as the homestead itself. On Christmas Day this year, Bungaree Station and its garden will celebrate its 175th anniversary. The story of the garden is one of constant transformation, triggered by personalities as much as historic events.

This story excerpt is from Issue #108

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sep 2016