When photographer Sophie De Wit heard about Bruce Farrington she knew he would make an engaging photographic subject.

Story By Sophie De Wit

Based in Katherine, NT, Bruce used to shoot wild horses for the pet meat industry, but now works for Hardt Transport. Each week he drives a truck into the Tanami, delivering vital supplies to remote cattle stations and Aboriginal communities. “He doesn’t say much, and he doesn’t need to,” Sophie says. “From the moment that he starts to the day’s end he doesn’t stop working. Despite flies, heat and tough circumstances, he’s so good at problem solving with the situations that come up.” Sophie admired his strength and energy and says that on one of the two trips on which she accompanied him, he backtracked for an hour to pick up a ute. “He’s just an awesome outback guy.”

Sophie, based in Melbourne, has been a full-time photographer for five years and, rather than sitting in an outback truck, her usual work is as an aerial photographer using drones and helicopters. “But a major interest of mine is anything to do with the outback,” she says.

This story excerpt is from Issue #105

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2016