When Scott Leggo photographed this pink-hued alpine scene he had trouble standing. “The winds were horrendous,” he says. “I had to bury my tripod completely in the snow and huddle over the camera to keep it still.”
After visiting this area in the pre-dawn dark for five mornings in a row, Scott was finally rewarded with a magical image of sunrise over Razorback Ridge and Mount Feathertop in the Alpine National Park, Vic.
All of the images that feature in the 2013 OUTBACK Calendar and Diary required incredible patience and skill to capture. Photographers travelled from the remote Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Tasmania’s alpine wilderness to the endless plains of the Northern Territory’s Barkly Tablelands to fill the year with evocative images.
Starting in January, when the 2013 Calendar opens onto a vision of an ancient boab reaching its twisted branches into a dusky twilight sky, the 2013 Calendar transports you immediately to the furthest reaches of Australia, in this case the wilds of the Kimberley.
The hardcover 2013 OUTBACK Diary features a full-page colour photo for every week. Images such as Kakadu floodplains ablaze with waterlilies, remote cattle yards in full muster, circling kites eyeing off a feed and sun-kissed wattle sparkle from every page. The 2013 OUTBACK Calendar and Diary are visual feasts of the unique colours and moods of regional Australia.

This story excerpt is from Issue #85

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2012