In remote communities across the NT, early childhood educators are helping kids get off to a good start.

Story Kate Newsome  Photo Pauline Beya

Early childhood educators in the NT don’t get the kudos they deserve, according to Cathy Mulhall, a TAFE lecturer and assessor for Charles Darwin University (CDU). “They are right up there with teachers, yet are looked down upon as babysitters in a lot of places. They’re so much more than that.”

Cathy works with some 80 Territorians completing their diploma or Certificate III in early childhood education. Her students are mostly women, ages ranging from 16 to 54, and 60% are based in remote locations. In their studies, they not only cover laws and regulations, but nutrition, first aid and child development from birth to 5 years.

Cathy might travel more than 150km each week in the dry season to hold workshops and workplace assessments for her students in remote communities across the Territory.

This story excerpt is from Issue #155

Outback Magazine: June/July 2024