This family-owned First Nations business is giving dogs and horses a new lease on life.

Story Kate Newsome  Photo Aussie Joint Health

Raymond could no longer jump onto the lounge, let alone the ute tray. Even after standing up, it would take the old border collie a minute or two to step stiffly forward.

After years of study, heartache and the mounting sense that there must be something they can do to help, husband and wife duo Kurt and Tiff Gacki founded Aussie Joint Health from their kitchen bench in Huskisson, NSW. It specialises in products for canines and equines.

When Raymond, their pet border collie, began to experience arthritis and joint deterioration, the couple tried what was already on the market to no avail. In early 2019, they leveraged their combined expertise in animal rehabilitation and business management to develop a new joint supplement over 18 months.

“In the rehab game – and in this nutraceutical game – the only way they [dogs] can tell you they’re feeling better is if they start to do zoomies again or they jump off the lounge again,” Kurt says. “We finally got it right with the current formula. And Raymond was a different dog. He became a puppy again.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #154

Outback Magazine: April/May 2024