Greg Postle’s hyper-realistic paintings reflect the brilliance of the natural world.

Story + Photos Nathan Dyer

On a cool July morning in a small studio nestled among mango trees near Kununurra, WA, Greg Postle leans over a canvas bursting with life. As he works with a very fine brush, the yellow eye of a water monitor stares back at him, so vivid it could be mistaken for a photograph. 

Although known predominantly for his hyper-realistic bird paintings, the water monitor on this canvas reflects Greg’s broad love of nature, something he traces back to growing up on the land around Monto and Biloela in central Queensland. “We used to do a lot of walking and I was always looking closely at things, looking at the details,” Greg says, leaning back to look at the canvas. “And I’d create, not so much paintings, but sketches and sculptures and things with my hands.” 

The Kimberley-based painter is considered one of the country’s best bird artists. His exquisite pieces – which take months or even years to complete – often sell within minutes of being released to his mailing list and social media followers. The rarity and quality of the works have helped build his reputation across Australia and around the world, with originals fetching $10,000–$90,000. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #151

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2023