Vegemite turns 100 in October this year, and a new pop-up museum has been established near its birthplace, in Beaufort, Vic.

Story John Dunn   Photos Neil Newitt

In 2014, when Liza Robinson returned to Australia for a quiet life, after a full-on entrepreneurial 12 years in Bali and 17 years in Los Angeles, she settled on the relative solitude of Raglan, a small settlement 10km from the tiny western Victorian town of Beaufort. There, among pale-painted cottages, white woolly sheep and the comforting backdrop of the Pyrenees Ranges, was a hobby farm that instantly became her new home.

But the quiet life she was contemplating came to an end almost before it started, when she noticed a nearby roadside sign which read, “Welcome to Chute, birthplace of Cyril Callister, who invented Vegemite.” 

“I began some research and it has taken me to where I am today, along a path which I hope will lead to the establishment of a museum to honour the man who produced the nation’s most iconic food,” Liza says.

This story excerpt is from Issue #147

Outback Magazine: February/March 2023