An immense dedication to customers and a genuine passion for his trade have made Fred Ford’s mobile suspension conversion business a great success.

Story By Laura Culbert

Everything about Fred Ford’s mobile suspension conversion business, Fred’s 4WD Conversions, seems to fit. Not only does it allow the motor mechanic by trade to be hands-on with vehicles, but it also combines this with his love for travelling. But this is to be expected from a man whose surname even fits the mould.
Based in Toowoomba, Qld, Fred has an extensive work history where vehicles are concerned. He originally worked as a diesel fitter with agricultural farm machinery, but the arrival of his third child in 1980 prompted him to get a job in town so that he could be home more often. But being “locked up”, as Fred puts it, simply didn’t suit him, and he went through three different workshops within a year. Soon, he got a job with a battery company, which eventually made him redundant, thus opening a whole new world of opportunities for him. “I had a go at a mechanical care place but, because I did farm machinery work previously, not too many people knew me in Toowoomba, even though I’ve lived there all my life,” Fred says. “I did it for about 18 months but never really progressed so I got out of it.”
But when Fred saw an advertisement for suspension conversion, it soon occurred to him how beneficial a mobile service could be. Thirteen years later, Fred has built up a very successful operation working out of his LandCruiser.

This story excerpt is from Issue #44

Outback Magazine: Dec/Jan 2006