At the age of 25, James Lord turned around the defunct Huon Valley abattoir in southern Tasmania and built his own top-shelf meat brand.

Story and photos by Ken Eastwood

"Someone once said they bought shoes on impulse; well I bought an abattoir on impulse,” says James Lord, 30, head of the Huon Valley Meat Company. Buying a small abattoir that was about to shut down in a state that wasn’t his own would certainly seem like an odd choice for a young construction manager who had studied chemistry. But his decision has not only created regular work for up to 25 Huon Valley locals and preserved a community-kill service, but also birthed a new ethical, quality Tasmanian meat brand, with a shiny Hobart shopfront and a nose-to-tail eating philosophy. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #110

Outback Magazine: Dec 2016–Jan 2017