Running a cattle property, raising a family and producing a successful podcast are all in a day’s work for Angie Nisbet.

Story Mandy McKeesick Photo Darcy Bly

On Landsborough Downs, south of Hughenden in western Queensland, where the jump-up country falls to soft rolling downs, Angie Nisbet takes a break from feeding the horses to give thanks. The season has been a good one. Mitchell and Flinders grasses ruffle in the breeze, and fat and shiny grey Brahmans gaze at her with inquisitive eyes. Angie drinks in the view, for she has been here long enough to know this is a transient scene.

Angie’s latest venture is the Married to the Land podcast, which has become a platform for reluctant rural women to share their own stories. Producing a podcast may mean racing in from the paddock and donning headphones with 3 small children – Hugo, 5, Tilli, 4, and Elka, 2, – underfoot, but Angie embodies the lifestyle she admires in others. “Women in the ag industry are jacks-of-all-trades: they’re the accountant, the gardener, the emotional support, the mother. We wear many hats."


This story excerpt is from Issue #149

Outback Magazine: June/July 2023