A classic bush pub gets some fresh love and attention in the NSW Central West.

Story Mark Muller  Photo Peter Pap

The late afternoon sun is shining through the windows at Mandurama’s Royal Hotel – known affectionally by those in the know as ‘The Mando’. Soft light catches cold beer in dewy glasses in that lovely way that can flare the amber fluid like liquid gold. Locals are ducking in for a quick one on the way home while others are settling in for a meal. 

The Mando was established in this small village in the Central West of NSW back in 1899 and is one of those classic 2-storey country pubs that are still to be found scattered throughout the bush. The wrought-iron balcony and wooden verandah, the polished bar and old photos all speak of a place steeped in local history. There’s also evidence of recent money being spent to give new life to the old dame, with fresh paint, renovated accommodation offerings, beautifully framed historic posters on the outside walls, a wide and inviting beer garden and a menu that goes beyond your standard schnitty and chips.  

The Mando was bought a few years ago by the owners of the local Snake Creek Cattle Company, who wanted to invest in the hamlet and help keep their community going.


This story excerpt is from Issue #148

Outback Magazine: April/May 2023