Calrossy Anglican School, in Tamworth, NSW, has developed an innovative technology and learning program that is attracting wide interest.

Story Ken Eastwood

Over the past two years, Calrossy Anglican School, in Tamworth, NSW, has shelled out for some seriously big investments. There was the $1.5 million spent on a superfast AARNet wi-fi network, giving the school one of the fastest connections of any school in the country. Then there was the $100,000 or so spent on an innovative Makerspace area, which opened last year. It’s a room where hi-tech and low-tech resources are used in a hands-on, project-based fashion, helping with critical thinking and the development of 21st century skills such as robotics, computer programming and virtual reality. As one of the premier schools implementing the Makerspace classroom concept, Calrossy is being visited by teachers from other schools and universities.

This story excerpt is from Issue #113

Outback Magazine: June/July 2017