The Scenic Rim Farm Shop and Cafe has become a foodie haven since Genevieve Windley began a farm-box business during COVID lockdowns.

Story Sue Wallace  Photo Scenic Rim Farm Shop and Cafe

Genevieve Windley believes there’s something quite magical about dining under century-old jacaranda trees and enjoying the stunning scenery of Queensland’s Scenic Rim.

“There’s really nowhere like it,” says Genevieve, who opened her Scenic Rim Farm Shop and Cafe in 2021, during COVID lockdowns. She was part of the team that established the Scenic Rim Farm Box farm-to-door delivery business and says it soon became clear that city-based customers in Brisbane had an appetite to visit their country backyard.

These days, she concentrates on her shop and cafe, located within 4ha of trees and green space that also features a flower farm, bed and breakfast, a weekend fruit and vegetable stand, and a new clothing and accessory boutique, all operated by female farmers.

This story excerpt is from Issue #154

Outback Magazine: April/May 2024