Spanish mackerel offer anglers a chance to wrestle with a streamlined, feisty sportfish without the need for pricey gear.

Story & photos by Martin Auldist

As a sportfish, Spanish mackerel (also known as a mack or Spaniard) have got the lot. Their silver, streamlined body, built for speed, makes them impressive to look at. Their cavernous mouth houses an armoury of fearsome teeth, which indicate their predatory nature. They can be willing adversaries; aggressively attacking almost any lure or bait you throw at them, and they are also one of the best eating fish in the sea. So it’s easy to see why Spanish mackerel are one of Australia’s most sought after light tackle game species.
There are two types of Spanish mackerel in Australian waters: broad-barred and narrow-barred, with the latter being the most frequently encountered by recreational anglers. Unlike other game fish, Spanish mackerel are easily accessed. They are a tropical species, and are found along the entire northern coastline, stretching from northern New South Wales right around to south of Shark Bay in Western Australia.

This story excerpt is from Issue #48

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sept 2006