Local mechanics such as Troy Madle keep our wheels turning in country towns across Australia.

Story Ged Bulmer  Photos Thomas Wielecki

Keen-eyed motorists passing through the charming National Trust-listed town of Childers, in south-east Queensland, might glimpse an unusual shop window display, amidst the heritage buildings lining the main street. There, wedged into a compact space just large enough to accommodate its width, sits a beautifully restored vintage truck, surrounded by an eclectic display of early 20th century memorabilia. The rare old rig is a 1933 BB150 Ford side-valve V8, and the sign above the shop window declares the business is Madle’s Mechanical, a local landmark owned and operated by the affable Troy Madle. 

Troy, who took over the mechanical business from his father in 1988, spent eight years restoring the old truck in a labour of love. 

This story excerpt is from Issue #131

Outback Magazine: June/July 2020