Golden North ice cream, produced in a little town in South Australia for almost a century, has won the title of Australia’s best ice cream two years in a row.

Story Ken Eastwood

Although little known outside its home state of South Australia, Golden North has won a consumer-voted award for its ice cream two years in a row, trumping better-known brands such as Blue Ribbon, Bulla, Sara Lee, Connoisseur and Peters. The ice cream, which closely follows original recipes, has been produced in the 650-strong Mid-North town of Laura since 1923.

According to director of export sales and marketing Trevor Pomery, who has worked at the company for more than 16 years, the secret is continuing to use fresh milk direct from farms in the Barossa and Mid-North, rather than powdered milks or cream substitutes. “You can taste the fresh dairy in it, because it’s made with fresh milk and cream – note the emphasis on ‘cream’,” he says. “If you’re going to have ice cream, you’re probably entitled to believe there’s going to be actual cream in it. All of our ice cream is also gluten-free – there’s no wheat filler and no palm oils.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #126

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sep 2019