Arajilla is a luxury resort on the world Heritage-listed paradise of Lord Howe Island.

Story Ken Eastwood

What’s the best thing about Lord Howe Island? Visitors find they struggle to answer this question. It could be the snorkelling – swim straight off the beach in calm waters to colourful coral reefs with tame hawksbill turtles, anemone fish, Galapagos sharks, Moray eels, lionfish and 400 other species. Maybe the birdlife is more your thing – after all this World Heritage-listed island is brimming with nesting colonies of unafraid boobies, noddies, spectacular white terns, shearwaters, tropicbirds and the extremely rare Lord Howe Island woodhen. You could talk about hiking up mountains rising almost a kilometre straight out of the sea through lush banyan and kentia palm forests to lookouts with to-die-for views, or mention deep-sea fishing, diving or the near-perfect year–round mild weather.

But, like most who have been to what some say is the “perfect island”, you’ll probably just smile and say, “Just go there”.

This story excerpt is from Issue #137

Outback Magazine: June/July 2021