Toyota has achieved a marketer’s dream with the TRD Hilux – a workhorse with finer points.

Story By Ian Glover

There are very few vehicles that get country blokes actually salivating, but the TRD Hilux is right up there. Not only is the Hilux the best-selling four-wheel-drive in the country, it also occupies number-three spot in overall vehicle sales. Take such a successful formula and give it to Toyota Racing Development for some tweaking (the program ran over 18 months) and you have a marketer’s dream.
At $64,990, the top-line 4000SL isn’t cheap. What do you get for your money? Starting off with the basic petrol double cab, TRD adds a distinctive body kit that creates a muscular, macho image – more testosterone than Silverton pub on a Saturday night when the Contiki tour bus is in. It’s complemented by 17-inch alloy wheels and tyres, and a leather steering wheel and shift knob. An Optitron speedo increases the visual contrast between the meter and meter readings, ensuring greater instrument clarity. The dash is typical Toyota – easy to read, practical and pragmatic rather than stylish. The test vehicle was fitted with the optional satellite-navigation package – a basic Satnav system, but useful nonetheless.

This story excerpt is from Issue #61

Outback Magazine: Oct/Nov 2008