Many of Australia’s wild places are becoming more accessible and less of an adventure. Not Fraser Island.

Story Terri Cowley

There’s this spot at the edge of Kingfisher Bay Resort where you pass over a hump, from the pretty, refined surrounds of luxury, into the sandy wild. It’s not gradual: one second you’re humming away on a carefully maintained track – the next you’re bumping and rolling, trees slapping at your vehicle, engine roaring to put sand behind you. This is Fraser Island: a wondrous, beautiful mix of the civilised and the adventurous. Where cocktails and dingoes can almost sit side by side; where pretty swimming pools are a stone’s throw from a treacherous ocean; and where visitors can while away the hours doing not very much at all, or undertake some of the toughest four-wheel-driving in the country.

This story excerpt is from Issue #117

Outback Magazine: February/March 2018