The Litchfields are feeling blessed. As a new generation takes the reins, their stations at the southern end of the Birdsville Track are in good shape.

Story by Gretel Sneath

A majestic stallion named Mynstral leads a team of horses galloping across the gibber plains of Wilpoorinna Station, their coats glistening and bellies full from the spoils of five good rainfall years. A black swan and two brolgas have staked their claim on a sparkling dam, and newly delivered lambs are taking their first tentative steps among the wildflowers under the watchful eyes of their devoted mums. There’s life in this desert landscape in South Australia’s heart and, as the red dirt is gradually swallowed by swathes of green of various shades, Gordon Litchfield can’t stop smiling. “At the moment, this country is the best it has been for 130 or 140 years, before the rabbits and the sheep came through, and it’s simply unbelievable,” he says.

This story excerpt is from Issue #108

Outback Magazine: Aug/Sep 2016