Once an important Nullarbor settlement for the Trans-Australian Railway, Forrest, population 2, is a vital stopover for travellers by air.

Story + Photos Don Fuchs

A powerful silver-grey Nissan sedan is parked under gum trees along the dusty main street of Forrest. It is a puzzling sight, as this town can only be reached by air or rough dirt roads not suitable for sleek street cars.

Gary Hunt, who manages the remote, privately owned township with his wife Miriam, explains that the car belonged to a drug mule, who was chased by police along the Eyre Highway, 110km to the south, and decided to try to outrun the police by driving to Forrest. He made it, just to get arrested there. The car, with severely damaged tires, never left Forrest. “The police decided that it was too much paperwork to get the car out of Forrest,” Gary says.

Named after WA’s first premier, Sir John Forrest, the former railway settlement, 245km west of the WA/SA state border, has a population of 2. It has 6 cottages, no pub and a large, fully functioning airport.

This story excerpt is from Issue #153

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2024