Fly-fisher Trevor Hawkins finds his hobby complements his artistic pursuits.

Story Martin Auldist

For Trevor Hawkins, art and fly-fishing have always gone hand in hand. His family aside, these two pursuits have been the great loves of his life, ever since he was a little boy. Happily, Trevor soon found a way to combine his interests into a productive and satisfying career.

“Art is like breathing for me,” Trevor says. “It just came naturally. My father and brother were both good at art and I can remember drawing from a very young age. I sold my first piece of art at the age of nine, and I was displaying and selling art in a number of galleries by 15.”

Around the same time, Trevor discovered fly-fishing and found that the trout he caught and the streams they lived in provided perfect subjects for drawing and painting. “My parents weren’t anglers, but I loved watching fishing and outdoor shows when I was a kid and it fascinated me. As soon as I got the chance to go fishing, I was hooked,” he says.

“I guess they are two activities that involve many of the same disciplines – an eye for detail, an awareness of your surroundings, powers of observation and a steady hand … they’re all things that are equally useful in art and fishing.”

This story excerpt is from Issue #135

Outback Magazine: Feb/Mar 2021