Wooriwyrite has vibrant paddocks of dahlias, and a blend of the old and the new.

Story + Photos Georgie Mann

On the rich volcanic plains of western Victoria, nestled along the meandering banks of the Mt Emu Creek, lies beautiful old Wooriwyrite. Home to the Morrison family since 1928, the 2-storey bluestone homestead is large and commanding. Mature oak trees sprawl majestically across green lawns and a curved gravel driveway leads to a cascading fountain just metres from the front door. 

Despite the grandeur, a delightfully relaxed country garden flows around Wooriwyrite, harmonising a perfect balance between history and home. The homestead was built in 1883 and the original garden was laid out by William Guilfoyle, director of Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens from 1873 to 1909.

Sue Morrison, while quick to credit her mother-in-law Sandra with much of the current garden’s form and beauty, has worked to soften the formality. “I’ve tried to keep it meandering and not have it too perfectly clipped and contrived,” she says. “I always stress to the garden tours that come through that this is a farm garden – it’s not a designer garden – but how it is, is how we love it.”  

This story excerpt is from Issue #149

Outback Magazine: June/July 2023